Presentation of the OGI Axle at the Railway Innovation Congress of Valencia


The OGI Axle system for changing the variable gauge for freight trains developed by Azvi, Tria y Ogi, was presented at the VIII Congress of Railway Innovation held in Valencia, on October 20.

During his presentation, José Pozo Barahona and Beltrán Rubio de Hita, members of the management team of the project, explained the functioning of this automatic change system for the variable gauge for freight trains before a forum composed of representatives of companies of the sector, railway administrations and universities.

The OGI Axle is intended to solve the problem of the change of gauge in the transport of freight, not only in Spain, where here are two types of gauge, but also at international level, in the rest of the European countries and Asia, thus preventing the slow and costly change of axles or the transfer of containers to another train in order to pass from one network to another.

This consists of an automatic system for changing the width, through which the trains can adapt their axles to a different gauge, passing through a gauge changer designed for this, with no need to reduce speed.

At the end of 2015, ADIF adjudicated the contract for the acquisition of the operating rights of an approved and validated system of movable track groups and gauge switcher installations for the traffic of freight wagons between the Iberian and the standard gauge to the Joint Venture composed of Azvi and Tria, in which the engineering company Ogi also collaborates.

 OGI Axle Presentation