The variable gauge OGI freight axles successfully surpass 500 gauge changeover processes

The consortium formed by Azvi, Tria and OGI has successfully completed tests on the variable gauge OGI freight axle in the gauge changeover  located in the ADIF “La Gineta” railway base as part of the “On-Track Tests” specified in the Technical Specifications for Accreditation of Railway Material: Wagons (ETH-Vagones). Tests consisted of continual 500-gauge changeover processes, with an average of over 100 processesper day.

After reaching this important milestone, service tests specified in the ETH are due to commence on two fully loaded wagons; an MMC3 freight wagon and a car transporter wagon, both with variable width freight axles adapted for two types of wheels: 920 and 760mm.

100,000 kms will be carried out in two phases, both national width 1.668 mm, and international width 1.435 mm, and, minimum 50 width changes at maximum permitted load and speed.

Once the 100,000km have been completed a commercial service will be able to circulate, thus resolving one of today’s greatest problems of track width change in freight for different types of track width, especially in Spain and Europe with the commitment to largescale Cross-border Railway Axes.